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It is really your escaped lunatic evil twin brother! MWAHA! Embrace the funk!

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I am but a poor little peanut, lost in the tides of time. Very much like Warcraft, except, if possible, even cooler. Like an igloo with polar bears that drink root beer and not coke because though coke is tasty, root beer is much better. I mean, really, of course polar bears would drink root beer. If you got one polar bear and a whole mess of penguins together for a rumble the penguins would totally kick its ass. And you know why? You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! No, actually, it's because the polar bear's got that sissy coke, but the penguins have been downing mountain dew and root beer, and if mountain dew and root beer can make a rational human decide to sky dive (which I think would totally be fun) then imagine what it can do for a penguin. Those rascally penguins! Exploding on a telly near you!

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