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This is not a journal

About It is really your escaped lunatic evil twin brother! MWAHA! Embrace the funk!

I need to change my user pic Sep. 7th, 2010 @ 09:33 pm
To Spider Jerusalem, because that is better and fits my mood. Also, I need his glasses. To ebay!

And to note, because I am NOT debbie-downing all over facepoop/book:
The search for a car continues! Because if I don't get out of this house something is going to die! I should start with my Blue Lantern figures, because that would be a nice figurative rendering of my feelings.

Also, I just heard some cows outside the window. This is why I need more Spider in my life, or I should just go back and reread it... I have most of the issues/trades somewhere. His motto* is like my current life right now.

* I assume his motto is like that one-shot's title. You know what I mean.

Also, I hate cheating asshole douchebags. I was seriously cool when I got back from surfing, but having to be stuck here has taken a huge dump on my self-esteem or anykind of non-depression slump, and now I'm just angry and depressed all the time. This is in fact quite sucky. I either need to go play on a beach or swim in a pool of vodka, delicious vodka. Or maybe get myself a saying... "Joel is a cheating looser and he was never good enough for you in the first place now get the fuck out of this house."

And then I will quote Spider Jerusalem!

Dear Geoff Johns, Dec. 13th, 2009 @ 11:42 pm
For the most part I enjoy reading Green Lantern comics, as I like the aspect of cosmo-spanning adventures and many different heros (in the form of the GL Corps) from different backgrounds coming together for a common goal. Plus, I'm an aero engineer, and space just sets off my inner fangirl. However something has started to bug me, and that is your treatment of the Star Sapphires and Carol Ferris. Read more...Collapse )

What's up, sold-out con! Nov. 22nd, 2009 @ 12:08 am
Or, alternate subject heading is "Trust your gut!"

They were selling pre-register for Comic-con 2010 (we're talking San Diego here) last year, because 09 said sold out. I was like, should I do this now? Naw... I got this 2 hour line to wait in to get me my motherfucking Green Lantern figures.

About a month after the con, I went to the website and noticed they were also selling pre-register online. I was like, should I buy a four-day pass now? Naw... because they I'd have to get off my BUTT and walk the five feet over to my purse to grab my credit card, and surely they'll still have some available later on.


It's EIGHT MONTHS AWAY. EIGHT MONTHS. And 4-day passes are already SOLD OUT. EIGHT. MONTHS. Okay, I know I only have myself to blame, but... EIGHT MONTHS. I could almost have a BABY in this amount of time!

So, anyhow, I am a little pissed. Single day passes are going on sale mid-Dec, so I'm going to see what they have available and try and get whatever I can then. J and I usually don't go all 4 days anyhow (we only went all four days last year because of the GL figures), and hopefully there won't be some super-awesome exclusive toy that I need this year. That, or technically, I can live without them, but Hal besides me says that is only for the faint of heart. <3 Hal! So, yeah... I'm going to mark when single day passes go on sale and will leap on the computer that day to get whatever days I can.

I know there'll be a Sunday (least popular day) and that's when we generally get all our cheap trades, however I need at least one other day for just randomly walking around and looking and stuff. Somehow I suppose I will live.

Let's discuss Sarah Palin Nov. 19th, 2009 @ 02:42 pm
First off, I hate her. I might have originally simply disliked her, as I do with most conservatives (different than moderate Repubs), but then the whole aerial-gunning-of-wolves bit came out and that just changed everything. Back in the day (Middle through High School) I used to be... shall I say... obsessed with wolves. An entire biology paper was dedicated to the red wolf. My parents got me wolf shirts and this awesome book full of huge glossy pictures of wolves. The shirts have since gone to tatters through many wearings, and once I go back to visit home again I will have to take that sweet book back with me. Even though I no longer think how sweet it would be to have a pet wolf (which I realize now is perhaps not the best of ideas), nor do I have the pressing problem of which wolf shirt should I wear today, I still think they are awesome, beautiful, and majestic creatures that have, historically, gotten a bad rap.

That's just me explaining why I can't stand her, above and beyond the usual. Today, though, I wish to discuss her new book, and especially a comment made regarding vegans: “If any vegans came over for dinner, I could whip them up a salad, then explain my philosophy on being a carnivore: If God had not intended for us to eat animals, how come He made them out of meat?”

First, I am very slowly trying to eat vegan (not quite to 'live the lifestyle' due to my love of wool-based yarns, plus I have a cat) so while I am not actually, technically, a vegan, most of my diet is geared that way (this is my cop-out in case I say something incorrectly). While I must at least commend Ms Palin on making a salad and not just being 'whoops guess you can't eat anything here' I have to say... a salad? Is that seriously the ONLY THING you can think of to make for a vegan? You can't think of ANY OTHER FOODS that a vegan could POSSIBLY eat? Okay, I get it. It's a complete 180 of a lifestyle from you that you have no imagination as to alternate foods, and it's difficult. It wasn't easy for me, either, at first. At least you're making an attempt for something you KNOW a vegan can eat, so I guess that's better than nothing.

Then we have: "... eat animals, how come He made them out of meat?" This is your arguement. Really. REALLY. There are a number of arguements that can be made against veganism and THIS is the one you choose? Really. Well, I'm not going to go address how, if humans are supposed to be carnivores how come we have blunted teeth and long digestive tracts which is a common trait in herbivores (which I just passive agressively did anyhow, ha). Instead, I am just going to say: humans are also made out of meat, thus, by your logic, we should also be eating humans. Let me know how that goes for you.

Anyhow, she's doing a book tour. Part of me wants to protest outside her venue, but she hasn't put up any west coast ones yet, so we'll see. It depends on how much I care when she comes out to hippy-ville, CA, where I live.

Pets aren't family, TRUFAX INTERNET! Nov. 11th, 2009 @ 11:18 am
I need to join the stupid pet owners community here. STAT. As I need to rant...

So, I went a-trollin on the craigslist recently. Mainly it was the usual, some douche making excuses about needing to get rid of his dog, one person called him on it, and then immediately got jumped by those who like to excuse douchey-ness. Squeeing with joy at the possibility of wank while I look at pet pictures and otherwise get frustrated with people not wanting to care for their pets, I also comment backing up person #1. Wank ensues!

Until we get to this part where someone states "Pets are property." Uh... NO. When you take them in they become part of your home, part of your family. They are as much 'property' as children. Part of me wants to step away from this, but the possibility of wank is exceedingly high if I comment. WHAT TO DO. Andyhoo, yeah... I just wanted to voice my anger about the assumption that pets are considered disposable and not family members, which I find offensive at the least.
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» This is a puppy!

» I kind of hate Twilight
I'm pretty sure I'm late on the bandwaggon here. Oh wells. Just read the Twilight book, which was horrible. The writing was atrocious, there was no characterization, Bella was clearly a Mary Sue, and there was no real description of anyhow over the basics of maybe hair color and skin color of the main colors. Also, it was 400 pages of garbage with 100 pages of actual conflict thrown in at the end. First off, these are not normal pages in the sense of Tom Clancy, but obviously geared toward an audience of about 8 years old, and the part I would have enjoyed most, ie: fisticuffs of sort, were completely ignored. Now I am entertaining myself with anti-twilight forums, and have come across the following which I find entirely interesting. I shall leave it here for my amusement in the future.
» Disney buys Marvel
So... I have just discovered the information listed in the above subject. I am not really a Marvel fan (Yay DC!) but this irks me slightly. My abilities to see into the future tell me that after about 8 years when all the current movie contracts Marvel has lined up with different companies are over, Disney will start making their movies, and they will SUCK. Pretty much how the original Batman and Superman franchise ended up, as campy horrible versions of what they ought to be. But whatever. Business is business.

So I'm reading the article from the AP via the LA Times or something that is posted on PennyArcade S++ Forums, and what do we have here? "Buying Marvel is meant to improve Disney's following among men and boys. Disney acknowledges it lost some of its footing with guys as it poured resources into female favorites such as "Hannah Montana" and the Jonas Brothers." I like the wording of 'men and boys,' as it stimulates the dirty parts of my mind. But this quote itself is understandable, since Hannah Montana/ Jonas suck a pretty big cock.

This quote, however, ""Disney will have something guys grew up with and can experience with their kids, especially their sons," said Gareb Shamus" well, GAREB... FUCK. YOU. Comics are only things you can experience with your SONS?! Of course! Because DAUGHTERS just play with their dollies and watch their teeny-bopper singers and play house and wait until they can get married and have kiddies. Comics are for BOYS! I real big THANK YOU for continuing on with that stereotype that comics are only for men, and HOLY SHIT if there ever appears a FEMALE in the comic shop, what do we BOYS DO, since WOMEN don't read comics!!

Also, a REAL thank you goes to my Dad who introduced me to Tintin when I was.. um... 6? I still have that first book, The Black Island.

Further reading of this article shows me " Disney's recently rebranded, boy-focused cable network, Disney XD" Oh Disney. I like Mulan. Whatever happened to the girl power kind of stuff? I can appreciate a sweet sword fight as much as the next gal. What's with all this boy-only garbage?
» Crochet Magazines
So, I recently received my Crochet Today in the mail. I also managed to get an issue of Crochet! to which I had found a super-cheap subscription a long time ago and had subsequently forgotten about. Crochet! was, of course, terrible, but that's not what I want to gripe about.

Usually, with Crochet Today there's at least one thing that I and inclined to make. Something that is either difficult, that I might want to wear or use, or that I can easily see being something to donate. But this issue, Sept/Oct 09, was, in fact, the worst issue I have ever seen. There was nothing in it that struck my fancy one way or the other. The entire issue was geared toward 'going back to school' in some format (except for three patterns of actual adult clothing **sigh**) which was grating enough as it is.

The cover has a picture of a crochet clock on it. Just that alone would be enough for me not to pick it up in the store had I not already have a subscription to it. I am flabergasted that they would choose to put something kitchy on their cover instead of a person actually, you know, wearing one of their designs. Appalling. However, in the Editor's letter area she lists this particular piece of atrocity amongst her three favorite patterns in this issue, the second being a hat, and the last being, perhaps, the worst thing I have ever seen in a crochet magazine. Or a knitting one, it doesn't matter.

So, let us look at what we can make this issue. First, let me make this known, in my magazines, I prefer clothing patterns, and sometimes a good doily. This is just my preference, since I'd rather work on something that I can eventually wear opposed to items that I don't see the point in. This is way I thoroughly enjoyed the last issue of Verena Knitting, because it was chock full of apparel and had 50 patterns of them too. No crochet magazine that I have ever seen is like that, they all include some bit of lame junkety. Such as the following:

Covers for tin cans. Why would you keep a tin can? They are gross on the inside no matter how you dress them. And do you really need more than, say three? Unless you have a million pencils and pens? I'm not really a house-y kind of person (I make the doilies because I like working with thread). The best decorations I have are cat fur and decorative beer bottles (read: bottles I haven't taken back to the store for the five cent return). But I do understand that this sort of thing appeals to some people, so I can let a few kitchy patterns go per issue. However, this issue is dominated with them as well as children things, and that I cannot abide.

Another thing you should know is that I am not a fan of children. Yes, I know I am evil and heartless and blah-blah-blah. I find children neither cute, endearing, or adorable. They are mainly annoying. If it appears difficult enough, I will hazard to make a piece of child clothing or blanket (which is my current project) but those I can give to charity when I am done. Also, I understand that children's items often make appearances in these magazines, so I don't sweat it if I see them. A few is okay. When half the issue is them, then, however, I become perturbed. But I'll get to that later.

There's a thing on being more eco-friendly in this issue, which is cool in and of itself, and one of the 'patterns' is for turning an old shirt into something modern. That's fine. I want to do something similar to one of my Green Lantern shirts, but give it some short sleeves instead of a neckline.

Then we have tiny little bowls or 'pots' in the shape of acorns. This look cute, although incredibly small so I couldn't actually use them to store anything. This is also a pattern that I could finish in about an hour, and I, personally, like to get a bit more bang for my buck than that.

Dish cloths. I have never seen the point to crochet a dishcloth. They just seem more flimsy and ineffectual than the usual, and more of an item to display than one of functionality. I could be wrong of course, but I have no desire to be proven otherwise by making one.

An easily constructed bag. I have no interest in these, but at least I see the value. And I see bags frequently in craft magazines, anyhow. In this issue there is also a tunic which, although it has a turtle neck and is made of a DK weight bamboo wool, has short sleeves and full of holes. Is it supposed to keep me warm or what? I would assume warm, as it's for fall, but aside from the neck and the heavy yarn, I don't see how it's accomplishing that. Also, there is an ugly capelet. I'll leave it at that.

There's a throw out of granny motifs, and later on one done in waves, with both zig-zags and multiple colors. It would be okay if not for the front post stitch it uses. The last throw of the mag is a small afghan, made in stripes. Supposedly you can make it in your school's colors to show some school spirit. It's so easy that even a teenager on meth can do it! Yay! If they weren't out being so busy studying and reading them books, like the girl in the picture. Because that's what they all do, don't cha know. This would be better suited for someone in college, who might actually give a damn about their school, or an alumni. However I would be bored senseless with something of this size, and would prefer to turn it into a scarf. There's also a tiny child's blanket that is so small it might just be a large handkerchief. It might be cute to wipe up a baby's spittle, I suppose.

Now we have perhaps one of the dumbfounded things I have ever seen. Little doilies for rocks. See, you make a tiny doily, and then use it to cover a rock with. Go out to your backyard and grab one from the ground kind of rock. And then you stick it in your house as a decoration. If you have kids, this is something that sounds like the perfect item to play with a break a window. If you don't have kids it just sounds... retarded? I would have preferred a rock lobster.

There's a beret which doesn't look too bad, and which I might even have wanted to make for cancer patients, except it's classified as 'too damn easy for me to bother with.' I'm a snob about simple patterns, I know.

And... we get to the 'school' section. So far, all the patterns have been all over the place regarding uselessfullness, and it doesn't get any better. We start off with that alarm clock from the cover, and progress onto a child's cardigan and vest. The cardigan doesn't look terribly bad, but we all know my propensity for children's patterns, so let's move on.

We have a scarf that looks more like it's supposed to be for a rodeo (albeit a girly rodeo) than for warmth. At least its clothing on an adult model. Granted, I have no desire to make this scarf...

A pencil case. Or, you can put your dildo in it. Not, in any way, my cup of tea. Similar to the can covers from the beginning. I guess someone out there likes this stuff, but I would sooner put my writing utensils in a drawer of the house.

Then we have a Halloween section, begun with a candy basket, so you can make a basket that won't match what your kid wants to be this year, and so that he/she can get their sticky hands all over what you have spent hours creating. However, if you make it small enough, you can limit the amount of time you spend escorting your kid around that night, and the amount of sugar they'll get. I always went for the pillow cases myself. Tried and true. Handles never broke, no pieces of candy ever fell out, and was big enough that I was able to get a nice haul at the end of it.

We also have 'crafty disguises' which I think is the worst thing in this mag, perhaps worse than the doily rocks. A little crochet mask and some moustaches. Because taping them to your kid's upper lip always keeps them on for the entire night, and using glue never hurts when taking them off. Also, so your kid can be Cheech or Chong! Yay! I can toast to that. But seriously. Would this take longer than ten minutes to make? I really don't see the value in this at all. Keeping it on would take more effort than actually making it.

We also have some kid's hats that you might only be able to convince your kid to wear that one night. Probably not. Also, I see that they're fairly holey, so I don't know how warm they'd be. October got to be damn cold where I came from, but if you want to chance your kid getting a draft, go for it.

So, anyhow, that is my interpretation of this issue. Nothing that I would even want to make for charity. I might take an hour and make the beret, because it was the only nice thing in the issue, my only fault being I could do it in my sleep. Had I not a subscription, I most assuredly would not be taking this issue home with me.
» Pics from SDCC
Story time!

Arrived at the con an hour late. They were supposed to be giving our Green Lanterns today, so I was worried I would be unable to get one, since they were only making 3000 of these. It was the most non-crowded I have ever seen the con. In the outer areas (not where the big press, ie, DC, Marvel, and Image were) you could actually move around. Regardless, I had arrived too late, and they had already finished out giving tickets so you could purchase the lanterns. Joel and I stopped by Hasbro for other toys, but they had also closed the line, and would only let you in if you bought a $30 charity book from them first. We choose not to. We looked around a little bit, and then left to find our hotel, which was about a 10 minute drive away.

We got up early and got back to the con just as they had opened the exhibit room floor for those who were not in the sails pavilion above. I pretty much ran to the Graphetti Design booth (where they were supposed to be giving away Yellow Lanterns that day) in hope of getting a lantern. They were still working on giving out the Green ones, and informed me (there were already a ton of people at the booth, and the con had just opened) drawing for tickets for the Yellows would begin at noon up at the sails pavilion. Joel and I had split up, me for Graphetti, and Joel to the pavilion to stand in line for Hasbro tickets. I went up, found him in line, and waited with him to get our tickets. We went back down the exhibit floor to get Hasbro toys, but when we saw the line, which was snaking around booths three rows away, and then some, we changed our minds.

We wandered around until about 10.45, where I got Joel to go with me back upstairs to the sails pavilion and wait for the Yellow Lantern ticket giveaway. There were already a few nerds waiting, but nothing for me to worry about. They only had, supposedly, 1500 of the non-Green Lanterns, and were permitting two per person. While waiting, a couple of the Elite people in charge (they wore red shirts with the word 'Elite' on them) told us we had to move, or, at least, walk around, and could not just sit/stand there. We pretended to shuffle a few feet in one direction and then shuffle back to where we were. A bunch of nerds formed a circle and started walking in said circle. I was amused by this, but Joel, being lame, thought it was silly. So, anyhow, we eventually moved down near the further wall of the pavilion. It was already 12.20 when stuff happened. At first someone waved their hand, and I pretty much sprinted from where we were over there. No one died at my feet. There was a large clump of nerds moving along the wall, finally stopping precisely where Joel and I had originally been.

Andyhoo, they filled a bag with red and green tickets, and went up to everyone, allowing you one chance to pull a ticket. If it was green, you could go downstairs and actually buy the lantern, but if it was red, you had to either give up, or get to the end of the line to pull again. Joel pulled a good ticket, and so I was happy. We got our lantern, and by now it was after 2pm, so we called it quits for the day and went to see Harry Potter 6, which was lame.

This was the most hilarious day of all! All the nerds wanting Blue Lanterns were up in the sails pavilion waiting, again, at 9.30. Nothing started until at least 10am, but the drawing was supposed to occur at 9.30. No one really knew where to go. Someone said to head outside, and nerds went in that direction, but then a nerd in front said it was a false alarm, and we moved, muttering, back to our starting locations.

Can you guess what happened next? The word was giving from someone resembling authority that, yes, the ticket drawing, WAS going to occur outside, and a STAMPEDE of OVER 500 NERDS RACED OUTSIDE. I am not even making this up. I will admit to being one of these nerds involved in creating chaos. 500 Nerds joustling to get a place up near the front, as they sprinted the twenty yards from inside the pavilion to outside. They lady in charge was pissed beyond belief. Granted, she had a right to be, but she started yelling at us (the assembled nerds) to form lines and such. There were more than 1000 people there looking for lantern tickets (not all of them had ran off at the first word, of course) and she attempted to get us into five lines. The best part was that after the first time of being told to head outside (which we had thought was in error) we actually had formed ourselves up in a line. Actually, two groups of line, both of which thought we were in the right Green Lantern line.

Anyhow, Joel again pulled a winning ticket, so we headed down out got our lantern. It was about noon by then, so afterwards we bailed and went to the zoo, which was awesome.

We arrived before 9.30 at the sails pavilion for Orange Lantern tickets, hoping that there would be even more chaos today, as Saturday is notorious for being the busiest day for the con. However, those in charge had learned their mistake from yesterday and had already established where the line was going to be. It was quite long. It snaked around inside, then headed outside, down a flight of stairs, and around the outside of the building. Joel and I were waiting there, outside, at the very end. We weren't the latest people to arrive, however, and they did try to start by 9.30 it seemed. Anyhow, we eventually made it through the line, neither of us pulling a winning ticket, so we went back to the end. I befriended a lady who only wanted one Orange Lantern (since, with a ticket, you can buy two) and tried to make a deal of splitting the ticket. We finally made it back to the front and I pulled a good ticket, so we were all happy. Joel wanted both, though, so we all got back in line again and went through. Joel pulled a good ticket this time, and gave it to the lady.

We decided to look around the con today, so we went to the Quick Draw panel with Sergio Aragones, which was quite entertaining. We ended up walking around just looking at random stuff before going out to get lunch and a snack for later on, because we wanted to go to the Watchmen Director's cut they were going to show, with Zack Snyder there to give commentary. We showed up about 45 minutes before the panel before it, Mythbusters, and decided to wait in the already huge line that had formed. They don't clear the rooms between panels, and we assumed Watchmen was going to be packed, so we figured to sit through Mythbusters. Apparently so many people wanted to see Mythbusters, that we did not even get into that panel. We waited outside for Watchment, for which there was plent of room for, apparently it wasn't that popular.

Beforehand, they had a sneak peak into this Batman video game they were making, and had the voice actors from the cartoon come out and did a 30 minute panel. This included Mark Hamill who, it turns out, is perv, and was to quote him "flirting with the Harley Quinns" in the audience.

We watched about half of Watchmen before giving up because Zack Snyder kept talking, even during the extra scenes.

Again, we were in line for the last of the lanterns, Red Lanterns. Surprisingly, the line was even longer than the one on Saturday, and snaked much further along the outside of the building. Joel pulled a good ticket on the first try, and so that was that. We spent most of the day trying to get $5 trades, and succeeded in getting a plethora of comics that way. We got our lanterns and proceeded to leave, stopping by a grocery store for snacks for the ride back home. Upon getting to the car, I put all our swag in the back, and then asked Joel if he had seen the Red lanterns. He had not. It turns out he had left them at the grocery store. There was a good deal of freaking out on our part, but Joel finall tracked them down after he asked for some assistance from the good people at the store. We were both surprised no nerd had stolen them, which we had thought highly likely.

One thing I forgot to mention was the high amount (especially on Saturday and Sunday) of people holding up signs trying to trade their Blue Lanterns for Orange or Red, or just trying to either buy or sell someone's extra Lantern, to try and complete their set.

We currently have two sets of the Lanterns, but one is supposedly for Joel's friend. I am going to see if Joel will forget about that, so that we can keep the other set. Plus, we also got an extra Green, which I have yet to decide if I want to take out of the package or just admire.

Picture Time!

I have a bunch of pictures, a lot of which are from the zoo, but here are a few -

These will come out in August. I want a 7 one.

This is only a tiny tiny portion of the line from Sunday. I want a line pic, and forget to get one any of the other days. These are all the people who were behind us, and we were near the end of the line, too.

This is our loot, next to the Rock Band drum set. Please not the huge stack of trades on the left, the Lanterns in the middle next to a smaller stack of softcovers, with the hardcovers on the right. We got some GI Joe toys, which are not featured.
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